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Spread the cheer and put a smile on someone's face today! Purchase a Gift Box from us and FREE Groceries will be delivered to the beneficiary who qualify and meet the criteria of BELI CARES in the month of February 2021.

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Type 2 Beli Cares Gift Box

  • Large Families (4 persons or more)
  • RM200
  • Halal items only
  • To consist of essential food items such as:


- Fresh Produce (e.g. potato, corn, onion, leafy vegetables)

- Sugar

- Legumes (e.g. dahl, lentil, dried chickpeas)

- Salt

- Chocolate-based drinks

- Flour

- UHT milk / Family Powder Milk

- Cooking oil

- Instant Oats

- Dry noodles (e.g. bihun)

- Spices (e.g. curry/chilli/ turmeric powder)

- Instant noodles

- Dry food (e.g. ikan bilis)

- Coffee/Tea

- Others (e.g. eggs, pasta)

- Biscuits

- Canned food (e.g. sardine, baked beans, chicken curry/rendang)

- Meat (e.g. chicken, fish)

Quality Assurance, Wide Variety, Free Delivery

  1. Not applicable with other discounts and promotion.
  2. The items in the gift box is up to our discretion.