BELI CARES Gift Box (Donate & Nominate!)

- To ease the burden of less fortunate individuals/ families/ communities/ organisations facing hardship during this pandemic.
- To assist in the form of one-off essential groceries boxes delivered to their doorstep within the Klang Valley
- Needy recipients consist of individuals who have lost their income source, B40 group, asnaf, single parents, blind/handicapped communities, large families with minimal income, children’s home, old folk’s home, refugee communities, soup kitchens etc.
- NAK BELI customers can opt to purchase Beli Cares Gift Box Box on the website to donate to recipients valued at RM100, RM200, RM500
- NAK BELI followers are invited to nominate recipients who need the Beli Cares Gift Box on social media (Facebook, Instagram). Nominations for Feb CSR to close on 21 Feb 2021.

To consist of essential food items such as:



- Fresh Produce (e.g. potato, corn, onion, leafy vegetables)

- Sugar

- Legumes (e.g. dahl, lentil, dried chickpeas)

- Salt

- Chocolate-based drinks

- Flour

- UHT milk / Family Powder Milk/ Condensed Milk

- Cooking oil

- Instant Oats

- Dry noodles (e.g. bihun)

- Spices (e.g. curry/chilli/ turmeric powder)

- Instant noodles

- Dry food (e.g. ikan bilis)

- Coffee/Tea

- Others (e.g. eggs, pasta)

- Biscuits

- Canned food (e.g. sardine, baked beans, chicken curry/rendang)

- Meat (e.g. chicken, fish)

T&C Apply